Seismic reinforcement for wood housing patented in the USA, Canada, and Korea



Magnitude 6.4 Earthquake near
Ferndale, California

A magnitude 6.4 earthquake struck 3 miles offshore in Northern California on December 20, 2022 at 2:34 am local time

▲ Source: By Communications and Publishing December 20, 2022

The California Integrated Seismic Network and the U.S. Geological Survey reported today that a magnitude 6.4 earthquake struck 3 miles offshore in Northern California on December 20, 2022 at 2:34 am local time (December 20 10:34 UTC) at a depth of 11 miles (18 kilometers). The earthquake occurred about 10 miles (15 kilometers) southwest of Ferndale, California.

This region has a history of abundant seismic activity. In fact, a sequence of overlapping earthquakes of magnitude 6.2 and 5.7 occurred nearby almost exactly a year ago on December 20, 2021. Earthquakes are common in this area because it's close to where the Pacific, North America, and Juan de Fuca plates meet, a spot known as the Mendocino Triple Junction. In the past century, there have been at least 40 other earthquakes of magnitude 6 or larger, including six earthquakes magnitude 7 or larger, within roughly 150 miles of today’s earthquake.


A must for wood housing!


Earthquake Damage Prevention

Elastic rebound prevents shaking in the event of an earthquake


Absorbs impact and restores to the original state


Reduces cost by 50% compared to overseas products


Acts as a safety belt for houses

Enduring Earthquakes

with shock absorption and excellent resilience

Nails used in OSB plywood covering the outside of the frame break away due to vibration and shock generated during earthquakes and are not restored, even after earthquakes. On the other hand, L-Tie-installed houses deliver excellent seismic isolation as they minimize vibration and have dynamic stability. Also, this minimizes vibration and shows high damping performance by preventing the breakaway of nails. A wooden building has superior earthquake resistance by itself, but it is necessary to prepare for more powerful earthquakes by using dedicated hardware to improve damping performance. The L-Tie minimizes damage from earthquakes and provides fast reconstruction.

Customized design

and reasonable cost

The unit price of existing overseas products is around 100,000~200,000 KRW, costing 10,000,000~20,000,000 KRW to build a house, whereas only about 5,000,000 KRW per 165 SQM is required to cover the cost of all seismic materials when using L-Tie by TRAUM Wood Housing. We have developed L-Tie with excellent performance as well as price competitiveness.

Elastic Bracket

ATOS 780